CPT Coding Scenarios With Answers

CPT Codes & Modifier Examples

Underneath a list with examples of CPT codes and CPT modifier examples.

CPT Examples

What CPT code should you report for a transluminal peripheral atherectomy, percutaneous; femoral-popliteal?

a. CPT 35490
b. CPT 35491
c. CPT 35492
d. CPT 35493

Answer: CPT 35493

Which CPT code should you report for a central motor evoked potential study (transcranial motor stimulation); lower limbs?

a. CPT 95926
b. CPT 95928
c. CPT 95929
d. CPT 95930

Answer: CPT 95929

What CPT code should you report for a 1.3 cm excision of a benign lesion on the scalp including margins?

a. CPT 11402
b. CPT 11420
c. CPT 11422
d. CPT 11442

Answer: CPT 11422

What CPT code should you report for Krukenberg procedure?

a. CPT 25900
b. CPT 25915
c. CPT 25920
d. CPT 25927

Answer: CPT 25915

What add-on code should you report for anesthesia complicated by utilization of total body hypothermia?

a. CPT 99100
b. CPT 99116
c. CPT 99135
d. CPT 99140

Answer: CPT 99116

What CPT code should you report for an injection of medication in the anterior chamber of the eye (separate procedure)?

a. CPT 65920
b. CPT 65930
c. CPT 66020
d. CPT 66030

Answer: CPT 66030

CPT Modifiers Examples

Which CPT modifier should you report to indicate when a party other than the treating or reporting physician performs laboratory procedures?

a. CPT Modifier 62
b. CPT Modifier 79
c. CPT Modifier 90
d. CPT Modifier 92

Answer: CPT Modifier 90

What CPT modifier denotes a scenario in which a provider directly furnishes an ambulance?

a. CPT Modifier EP
b. CPT Modifier KA
c. CPT Modifier QM
d. CPT Modifier QN

Answer: CPT Modifier QN

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