cpt code for medical records fee

CPT & ICD 10 Codes For Medical Records Request

Most of the insurances would consider Medical records copying fee, administrative (CPT S9981) and medical records copying, per page (CPT S9982) are incidental to Evaluation and Management services, Surgical services, and Laboratory services.

Separate reimbursement may not be allowed for CPT S9981 and CPT S9982.

CPT Codes For Medical Records Request

There are two CPT codes because there are separate components to the services. The first is the administrative time which may include locating, copying, mailing, etc and a per page fee for the actual copies.

CPT S9981

Description of CPT S9981: Medical records copying fee, administrative

CPT S9982

Description of CPT S9982: Medical records copying fee, per page.

ICD 10 For Medical Records Fee

ICD 10 CM Z02.0: Encounter for administrative examinations, unspecified.

Z02.9 is a billable and can be used to indicate a diagnosis for reimbursement purposes.

Coding Guidelines For Medical Records Request

The fees for administrative and copying vary by state and locality. The following website http://www.lamblawoffice.com/medical-records-copying-charges.html allows you to check your state specific laws with regard to copying of Medical records fees.

If the insurer requests records from a healthcare provider, the insurer will pay for the requested services.

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