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Depression screening – Aetna medical coverage guidelines

The Aetna Depression Management Program provides primary care physicians (PCPs) with a one-stop resource to help diagnose and treat Aetna LCD patients with depression age 19 years and older.

This program promotes collaboration among PCPs, mental health professionals and Aetna’s care management team. Its focus is on proactive assessment and early intervention, with the goals of improving patients’ quality of life and treatment outcomes.

What the program offers

* A tool to screen for depression as well as monitor response to treatment

* Reimbursement for depression screening and follow-up monitoring

* Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) – specifically developed for use in primary care.

* Self-administered, quick and easy

* Specific for depression

* Available in English and Spanish

* Assistance with behavioral health referrals

* The option to refer eligible patients to Aetna’s Depression in Primary Care program by telephone

Billing requirements

CPT code: 99420 Administration and interpretation of a health risk assessment

ICD code: V79.0 (screening for depression)

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Also see Medicare coverage for Depression screening

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