5A80, 5A81, 5A8Z

Disorders Of The Gonadal Hormone System – ICD 11 Codes

Definition of Disorders Of The Gonadal Hormone System: Gonad has a capability to produce androgen and estrogen under the control by hypothalamic- pituitary- gonadal axis. Gonadal dysfunction is caused by either insufficient actions of gonadotropin or resistance to gonadotropin.

Ovarian dysfunction

Definition of Ovarian dysfunction: Pathological processes of the OVARY

ICD 11 Code For Ovarian dysfunction

  5A80  Ovarian dysfunction


Coded Elsewhere:

  • Premature ovarian failure (GA30.6)
  • Hirsutism associated with hyperandrogenaemia (ED72.1)
  • Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (GA32.0)
  • HAIR-AN syndrome (5A44)

5A80.0 Clinical hyperandrogenism

Definition of Clinical hyperandrogenism: Presence of hirsutism, acne or androgenic alopecia (scalp hair loss in women)

5A80.1 Polycystic ovary syndrome

Definition of Polycystic ovary syndrome: Condition defined by the presence of at least 2 of the following 3 criteria: oligo/anovulation; clinical or biochemical signs of hyperandrogenism; presence of polycystic ovaries as identified by ultrasound.


  • Sclerocystic ovary syndrome


  • Polycystic ovary NOS (5A80.2)

5A80.2 Polycystic ovary

Definition of Polycystic ovary: Ovary with increased size (> 7 mL) and stromal volume, and with increased number of follicles (12 or more measuring 2-0 mm in diameter), that may be present in women with PCOS, but also in women with normal ovulatory function and normal fertility (unilaterally or bilaterally).


  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (5A80.1)

5A80.3 Anovulation

Definition of Anovulation: lack of ovulation in the last 12 months, leading to amenorrhea, irregular or infrequent cycles

5A80.4 Oligo-ovulation

Definition of Oligo-ovulation: Oligo-ovulation (less than 4 ovulations in the last 12 months) not related to described categories of endocrine dysfunction. Excludes anovulation related to PCOS, hyperprolactinaemia or amenorrhea.

5A80.5 Diminished ovarian reserve

Definition of Diminished ovarian reserve: Condition characterised by ovaries with lower number of oocytes than expected for female chronologic age, marked by biochemical abnormalities (increased serum FSH levels, decreased serum AMH levels) and/or ultrasound findings (low antral follicle count) associated with ovarian ageing, reduced response to ovarian stimulation, and female infertility

5A80.Y Other specified ovarian dysfunction

5A80.Z Ovarian dysfunction unspecified

Testicular dysfunction or testosterone-related disorders

ICD 11 Code For Testicular dysfunction or testosterone-related disorders

  5A81  Testicular dysfunction or testosterone-related disorders


Coded Elsewhere:

  • 46 XY gonadal dysgenesis (LD2A.1)
  • Testicular agenesis (LD2A.2)
  • 46 XY disorder of sex development due to a defect in testosterone metabolism (LD2A.3)
  • 46 XY disorder of sex development due to androgen resistance (LD2A.4)
  • 46 XY disorders of sex development (LD2A.Y)

5A81.0 Testicular hyperfunction

Definition of Testicular hyperfunction: A hypersecretion of testicular hormones.


  • McCune-Albright syndrome (FB80.0)

5A81.1 Testicular hypofunction

Definition of Testicular hypofunction: In pre-puberty, a disorder characterised by atrophied testes and sterility, abnormal height and absence of secondary sex characteristics. In post-puberty, a disorder characterised by depressed sexual function, loss of sex drive and sterility, muscle weakness and osteoporosis (due to loss of the androgen anabolic effect).

5A81.Y Other specified testicular dysfunction or testosterone-related disorders

5A81.Z Testicular dysfunction or testosterone-related disorders unspecified

Disorders of the gonadal hormone system unspecified

ICD 11 Code For Disorders of the gonadal hormone system unspecified

  5A8Z  Disorders of the gonadal hormone system unspecified

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