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CPT 97001 – CPT 97004 (Physical & Occupational Therapy)

The initial evaluation identifies the problem or difficulty the patient is having which helps determine the appropriate therapy necessary to treat the patient. An evaluation is a comprehensive service requiring professional skills to make clinical judgments about conditions for which services are indicated. If a new diagnosis/problem is encountered, then an additional evaluation may be appropriate to determine what course of treatment is necessary for the separate identifiable diagnosis/problem.

Re-evaluations are indicated periodically when the professional assessment indicates a significant improvement or decline in the patient’s condition or functional status. The re-evaluation focuses on the patient’s progress toward current goals. Professional judgment is used to determine continued care, modifying goals and/or treatment or terminating services.

Code Description Of CPT 97001, CPT 97002, CPT 97003 & CPT 97004

  • CPT 97001: Deleted code, effective Jan. 1, 2017
  • CPT 97002: Deleted code, effective Jan. 1, 2017
  • CPT 97003: Deleted code, effective Jan. 1, 2017
  • CPT 97004:
  • Deleted code, effective Jan. 1, 2017

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