HCPCS Code A9270 | Description & Billing Guidelines

A9270 represents services or items not covered by Medicare or other payers. Only bill this code if there is no specific HCPCS code available.

What Is A9270?

HCPCS code A9270 represents an item or service not covered by Medicare or other third-party payers, and there is no specific HCPCS code for that item or service.

Medicare or other insurers do not cover certain items or services. The patient is usually aware that a particular supply or item is not covered by insurance.

The provider notifies them and makes them aware that he is liable for paying for the item or service.

Usually, the items that the patient uses for nonmedical purposes or a patient’s comfort are not covered by insurance.


Below you can find the description of A9270 and other relevant information.

Short Description: “Non-covered item or service.”

Long Description: “Non-covered item or service.”

Pricing Indicator: 00

Code: Z2

Code Added: January 01, 1986

Last Changed: January 01, 2002

Billing Guidelines

Use A9270 only if there is no specific HCPCS code for the non-covered item or service and no appropriate Not Otherwise Classified, or NOC, code is available.

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