HCPCS 2012 Changes

HCPCS Code Changes Effective From April 2012

New HCPCS Codes added with the Effective Date of April 1, 2012

S0353 Treatment planning and care coordination management for cancer initial treatment

S0354 Treatment planning and care coordination management for cancer established patient with a change of regimen

S0596 Phakic intraocular lens for correction of refractive error

S3721 Prostate cancer antigen 3 (pca3) testing

S8930 CPT Code Electrical stimulation of auricular acupuncture points; each 15 minutes of personal one-on-one contact with the patient

The following HCPCS codes are discontinued effective April 1, 2012:

S3711 Circulating tumor cell test

S3713 KRAS mutation analysis

S3818 BRCA1 gene anal

S3819 BRCA2 gene anal

S3820 Comp BRCA1/BRCA2

S3822 Sing mutation brst/ovar

S3823 3 mutation brst/ovar

S3828 Comp MLH1 gene

S3829 Comp MSH2 gene

S3830 Gene test HNPCC comp

S3831 Gene test HNPCC single

S3835 Gene test cystic fibrosis

S3837 Gene test hemochromato

S3843 DNA analysis factor v

S3847 Gene test Tay-Sachs

S3848 Genetic testing for Gaucher disease

S3851 Genetic testing for Canavan disease

S3860 Genet test cardiac ion-comp

S3862 Genet test cardiac ion-spec

S8049 Intraoperative radiation the

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