How To Use HCPCS Code G9673

HCPCS code G9673 describes the cardiovascular prevention measures group. This code is used to report the services provided for the purpose of preventing cardiovascular diseases. In this article, we will explore the details of HCPCS code G9673, including its official description, procedure, when to use it, billing guidelines, historical information, Medicare and insurance coverage, and provide examples of when this code should be billed.

1. What is HCPCS G9673?

HCPCS code G9673 is a specific code used to identify the cardiovascular prevention measures group. It is important to note that this code is no longer active and was terminated on December 31, 2016. Therefore, it should not be used for current billing purposes.

2. Official Description

The official description of HCPCS code G9673 is “I intend to report the cardiovascular prevention measures group.” The short description for this code is “Intend rpt card prev msr grp.”

3. Procedure

  1. As HCPCS code G9673 is no longer active, there is no specific procedure associated with it. Providers should refer to the updated and active codes for reporting cardiovascular prevention measures.

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