HCPCS Code J3590 | Description & Billing Guidelines

J3590 can be billed when a provider administers biologics not identified by another HCPCS code.

What Is J3590?

Report HCPCS code J3590 for biologics (drugs derived from components of living organisms) that do not have specific codes.

A provider can report J3590 for biologics he administers that are not identified by any other HCPCS code.  

What Are Biologics?

Biologics are derived from human, animal, or microorganism components using biotechnology; examples include cells, genes, tissues, recombinant proteins, allergens, and blood and blood components.; biologic drugs include antibodies, interleukins, and vaccines.


J3590 is an HCPCS code; the official description can be found below.

Short Description: “Unclassified biologics.”

Long Description: “Unclassified drug or biological used for ESRD on dialysis

Code: O1E

Code Added: January 01, 2003

Last Changed: January 01, 2003

Billing Guidelines

Payers may require prior approval for some biologics.

Alternatively, depending on the payer’s preferences, you may need to report an unclassified drug code (J3490) or an unclassified neoplastic (cancer) drug code (J9999).

If you are unsure whether the drug you report would be identified as an unclassified, antineoplastic, or biological drug, check with the payer.

Report a medication using an unclassified drug code only if no specific medication code exists for that drug.

Include sufficient information to completely identify the drug and its administration, such as its National Drug Code (NDC) number (a unique 3–digit identifier), the name of the drug, its dosage, and strength, the number of doses per vial, if applicable, and the amount of drug per unit.

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