HCPCS Code J9035 | Description & Billing Guidelines

J9035 can be billed for one unit of ten milligrams of Bevacizumab administered with injection or instillation of liquid.

What Is J9035?

HCPCS code J9035 represents the cancer medication bevacizumab that inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

One unit of J9035 represents 10 mg of Bevacizumab. The route of administration is intravenous, which is an injection, or instillation of liquid, through a needle into a vein.

What Is Bevacizumab?

Bevacizumab, a cancer drug, prevents the growth of cancer cells and slows down their spread in the body. The drug is usually given with other cancer medicines.

Typical conditions include certain types of brain tumors and cancer of the kidney, lungs, colon, rectum, cervix, ovary, and fallopian tubes.


Below is the official description from HCPCS code J9035.

Short Description: “Bevacizumab injection.”

Long Description: “Injection, bevacizumab, 10 mg.”

Pricing Indicator: 51

Code: O1E

Code Added: January 01, 2005

Last Changed: January 01, 2005

Billing Guidelines

Bevacizumab is a generic drug. Brand names for J9035 include Avastin®. Check the payer’s guidelines if the administration of Bevacizumab needs to be reported separately.

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