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HCPCS Code Q4100 | Description, Procedure & Billing Guidelines

Report HCPCS Q4100 for skin substitutes used by providers to repair an injured skin area if no specific HCPCS code is available.

1. What Is HCPCS Code Q4100?

Q4100 covers a skin substitute providers use to repair an injured skin area. Use this code for a skin substitute with no specific code.

2. Description

The official description of Q4100 is defined by HCPCS as follows: “Skin substitute, not otherwise specified.”

3. Procedure

A skin substitute is a material that covers areas of the body where the skin is missing due to injuries or burns.

Skin substitutes may be synthetically or artificially produced or come from components of actual tissue. They may contain multiple layers similar to the dermis and epidermis of the skin.

4. Billing Guidelines

Use HCPCS code Q4100 to report the supply of a skin substitute only when no other HCPCS codes specifically refer to it.

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