HCPCS H1000 | Description & Billing Guidelines

H1000 describes a risk assessment for a pregnant patient. Circumstances and behaviors are evaluated that can cause dangerous behavior to either the fetus or the mother.

What Is H1000?

The provider evaluates a pregnant patient for behaviors dangerous to the patient or fetus.

During pregnancy, there may be circumstances and behaviors that can affect the mother or the fetus.

The provider executes an at-risk assessment to identify such situations and tailor education for the patient. He performs this during the prenatal period, the time before birth.


The official description of HCPCS code H1000 can be found below.

Short Description: “Prenatal care atrisk assessm.”

Long Description: “Prenatal care, at-risk assessment.”

Code: Z2

Code Added: January 01, 2002

Last Changed: January 01, 2002

Billing Guidelines

H1000 is not payable by Medicare. This code can only be used for females and for maternity care.

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