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(2022) How To Code Hypernatremia ICD 10 – List With Codes & Guidelines

This article outlines the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and ICD 10 CM code for Hypernatremia.

Hypernatremia Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Hypernatremia ICD 10 Causes

The main cause of hypernatremia ICD 10 is too much sodium or too little fluid in the blood. Several diseases can cause hypernatemia and increase its probability. These include :

  • dehydration
  • vomiting
  • kidney disease
  • uncontrolled diabetes (diabetes insipidus)
  • extreme diarrhea
  • dementia
  • fever
  • delirium
  • certain medications
  • large flammed skin areas.

Hypernatremia ICD 10 Symptoms

The main symptom of hypernatemia ICD 10 is excessive thirst. Other symptoms include lethargy, extreme fatigue, lack of energy and confusion. In advanced cases, this can lead to muscle twitching and spasms. Certain people are more likely to develop hypernaturism than others.

Hypernatremia ICD 10 Diagnosis

Sodium is important for muscle and nerve work. Hypernatremia ICD 10 is diagnosed by basic metabolic blood tests that detect sodium levels in excess of 14.5 mmol / L. Severe symptoms are rare, but occur when sodium levels in blood plasma rise rapidly and strongly. Strong increases in sodium can lead to seizures and coma.

Hypernatremia ICD 10 Treatment

Hypernatremia ICD 10 can occur within 24 hours or develop over a period of more than 24 to 48 hours. The speed of insertion can help the doctor determine a treatment plan. Those who develop hypernatremia ICD 10 should be treated as soon as it develops. The treatment is based on the correction of the fluid-sodium balance in the body.

In mild cases, the disease can be treated by increasing fluid intake. The doctor will monitor the patient to see if the sodium levels are improving and he or she can adjust the fluid concentration. In severe cases, the patient needs to be connected to an IV drip. A drip is used to supply the blood with fluid.

ICD 10 CM Code For Hypernatremia

ICD 10 CM E87.0: Hyperosmolality and hypernatremia


  • Sodium [Na] excess
  • Sodium [Na] overload

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