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Lab Fee Schedule and CLIA – a quick reference

CLIA – Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments

1. What is CLIA?
2. Why is CLIA Important?
3. What are the Types of CLIA Certificates?
4. How Does a Laboratory Enroll in the CLIA Program?

A quick reference for the above queries are answered @

CLIA Application form for Certification can be downloaded @

Current CLIA Regulations are found @

Laboratory Demographics Lookup (complete database)

The below link provides the demographic information about laboratories, including CLIA number, facility name and address, where the laboratory testing is performed, the type of CLIA certificate, and the date the certificate expires

List of CPT’s recognized under Waiver Category

The below link provides the list of all Laboratory tests that are granted Waived Status under CLIA and the CPT codes that needs Modifier QW when submitted to Medicare.

2010 Laboratory Fee Schedule

2010 Lab Fee for all states has been posted in CMS @

The Fee Schedule contains all current year active CPT and alphanumeric codes subject to the Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule and the CPT’s with Modifier QW denotes a CLIA waiver test.

CPT changes for the year 2010 can be viewed @

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