Left Wrist Fracture ICD 10, Left Wrist Fracture, ICD 10 Left Wrist Fracture

(2022) How To Code Left Wrist Fracture ICD 10 – List With Codes & Guidelines

This article will outline the causes, symptoms, treatment and the ICD 10 CM code for Left Wrist Fracture.

Left Wrist Fracture ICD 10 Causes

Patients are at greater risk of suffering a Left Wrist Fracture ICD 10 if they suffer from osteoporosis, a disease that weakens bones, is old, has low muscle mass, poor muscle strength, lack of mobility or balance, conditions that make them more likely to fall while walking or other activities on ice and snow, activities that require a lot of forward momentum such as inline skating or skiing, or an insufficient supply of calcium and vitamin D. A broken wrist can hurt a lot. A patient who puts his hand down to prevent a fall is a common cause of wrist fracture.

Severe wrist fractures can lead to joint arthritis. Patients may have stiffness and pain. Additional treatments or operations may be required.

Left Wrist Fracture ICD 10 Symptoms

Left Wrist Fracture ICD 10 Symptoms include pain, tenderness, swelling and bruising.

Left Wrist Fracture ICD 10 Diagnosis

Doctors diagnose a Left Wrist Fracture ICD 10 based on information from the patient’s physical exam and X-rays. High-energy fractures can be evaluated in addition to X-rays with computed tomography (CT) to identify injury patterns, says Dr. Swigart. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) may also be necessary.

Left Wrist Fracture ICD 10 Treatment

Left Wrist Fracture ICD 10 treatment depends on many factors, including the type of fracture, whether the fracture is displaced, unstable, open, age, occupation, hobby or activity, whether the dominant hand is present or not, general health and the presence of other injuries.

The fracture can be remedied with many devices. Pins, screws, plates, rods and external fasteners can be used. If the fracture is not unstable, a plaster can be used to hold the fracture set. A padded splint can be worn to align the bone, support the wrist and relieve initial pain. Other fractures may benefit from surgery to reassemble the broken bone and keep it in place.

The joint can be made visible from the inside with a small camera. In some cases, bone grafts can be added to support the healing process. If the bone is crushed, there is a gap between the bone and the bone can be reoriented.

The hand surgeon will discuss options for the best healing and recovery. During recovery, it is important to keep your fingers moving so that they do not become stiff. Hand therapy can be helpful to restore movement strength and function. The hand surgeon can get the patient to move his wrist at the right time after the fracture.

The recovery time varies greatly and depends on many factors. It is not uncommon for recovery to take up to a month.

ICD 10 Code For Left Wrist Fracture

ICD 10 CM S62.9 Unspecified fracture of wrist and hand

ICD 10 CM S62.90 Unspecified fracture of unspecified wrist and hand

ICD 10 CM S62.92XA Unspecified fracture of left wrist and hand [initial encounter for closed fracture]

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