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(2022) How To Code Pancytopenia – List With Codes & Guidelines

This article will outline the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and the ICD 10 CM codes for Pancytopenia.

Pancytopenia ICD 10 Causes

Pancytopenia ICD 10 begins with problems in the bone marrow. This is the spongy tissue in which bones and blood cells are produced. In some diseases, exposure to certain medicines or chemicals can lead to bone marrow damage.

In about half of the cases, doctors cannot find the cause of pancreatitis. This is called idiopathic pancy topenia.

Pancytopenia ICD 10 Symptoms

It is necessary to understand three different types of blood cells in order to detect Pancytopenia ICD 10 symptoms. Red blood cells, for example, transport oxygen.

If a person doesn’t have enough red blood cells due to Pancytopenia ICD 10, they may have difficulty breathing or feel exhausted. White blood cells help fight infections. If a person has a low white blood cell count, they are more susceptible to infection. Platelets are responsible for blood clots and wound healing. When platelets are low, they can bleed more easily.

Other symptoms associated with Pancytopenia ICD 10 include:

  • light bleeding (e.g. From the gums or nose)
  • bruising
  • a fast heart rate
  • pale skin colour
  • rashes
  • unexplained fatigue and weakness.

In the event of confusion, unconsciousness, seizures, shortness of breath or significant blood loss, a person should be rushed to the emergency room immediately.

Pancytopenia ICD 10 Diagnosis

Doctors diagnose Pancytopenia ICD 10 to know the complete blood count (CBC). The CBC indicates the value of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

Laboratory examination A doctor checks whether a person’s symptoms are related to pancreatitis. He or she can perform a procedure to extract the bone marrow from the person. The doctor can also order other laboratory tests such as liver function tests, vitamin B-12 levels and HIV or hepatitis tests.

A bone marrow sample is taken from the hip while the hip is numb. The sample is sent to a laboratory where a doctor examines the cells under a microscope.

Pancytopenia ICD 10 Treatment

The appearance of the cells can help to identify the potential cause of Pancytopenia ICD 10. If the cause is not known, it can be assumed that the disease is treated with chemotherapies aimed at minimizing the symptoms associated with a lack of blood cells. The aim of Pancy Topenia treatment is to find and treat the cause of the disease.

Drugs that stimulate bone marrow neutropenia induced by chemotherapy or other causes of growth factors (e.g. Leukin, neupogen, and neulasta) can be used to stimulate the formation of WBC. If chemotherapy leads to anaemia, medication may also be considered.

ICD 10 CM Codes For Pancytopenia

ICD 10 CM D61.81: Pancytopenia
ICD 10 CM D61.810: Antineoplastic chemotherapy induced pancytopenia
ICD 10 CM D61.811Other drug-induced pancytopenia
ICD 10 CM D61.818Other pancytopenia

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