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HCPCS Modifier EA | Description & Billing Guidelines

Report the EA modifier when a health provider administers an agent to stimulate red blood cell production in a patient to treat anemia due to anti-cancer chemotherapy.

What Is Modifier EA?

Report modifier EA if a health provider administered an ESA (Erythropoietic Stimulating Agent) to a patient with anemia.

The provider administers ESA to a patient who takes chemical compounds or drugs for cancer. Anemia is when a patient has lower-than-average hemoglobin or red blood cell count.


The official description of HCPCS modifier EA is: “Erythropoetic stimulating agent (ESA) administered to treat anemia due to anti-cancer chemotherapy.”

Billing Guidelines

Modifier EA can be used if a health provider administers an ESA (Erythropoietic Stimulating Agent) to patients using anti-cancer drugs.

The erythropoietic stimulating agent is administered to the patient to stimulate red blood cells to treat low hemoglobin or anemia.

Make sure to justify the diagnosis in the medical records to prove the need for an erythropoietic stimulating agent administered to the patient with anemia.

Use Modifier EB instead of Modifier EA if the health provider administered ESA to treat anemia due to anti-cancer radiotherapy.

Append Modifier EC if the Erythropoietic Stimulating Agent was administered to treat anemia that was not caused by anti-cancer radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

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