Modifier V5, Modifier v6, Modifier v7, V5 modifier, V6 Modifier, V7 modifier

Modifier V5, Modifier V6 & Modifier V7

ESRD claims for hemodialysis must indicate the type of vascular access used for the delivery of the hemodialysis at the last hemodialysis session of the month.

One of the following codes is required to be reported on the latest line item date of service billing for hemodialysis revenue code 0821. It may be reported on all revenue code 0821 lines at the discretion of the provider.

  • Modifier V5 – Any Vascular Catheter (alone or with any other vascular access),
  • Modifier V6 – Arteriovenous Graft (or other Vascular Access not including a vascular catheter)
  • Modifier V7 – Arteriovenous Fistula Only (in use with two needles)

For additional information visit Dialysis Adequacy, Infection and Vascular Access Reporting

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