Modifier PD

New Modifier PD & Modifier SC 2012 Updates

Medicare HCPCS modifier PD will be available to wholly owned or wholly operated entities beginning January 1, 2012 and may be appended to Part B claims lines to identify preadmission services that are subject to the 3-day window policy.

Full Description: Modifier PD – Diagnostic or related nondiagnostic item or service provided in a wholly owned or wholly operated entity to a patient who is admitted as an inpatient within 3 days, or 1 day.

Appending modifier PD will alert claims processing systems to provide payment only for the PC for CPT/HCPCS codes with a TC/PC split and to pay services without a PC/TC split at the facility rate when they are provided in the 3-day (or, in the case of non-IPPS hospitals, 1-day) payment window. The facility rate will be paid for codes without a TC/PC split to avoid duplicate payment for the technical resources required to provide the services.

Modifier SC – Medically necessary service or supply

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