Open Payments Mobile for Physicians app

Next Generation Mobile Apps for Open Payments

The Open Payments Mobile for Physicians app helps physicians track payments and other transfers of value they receive from applicable manufacturers and applicable GPOs throughout the year. In the past week, updated versions of the Open Payments Mobile for Industry and Open Payments Mobile for Physicians have launched and include the following new features, among others: • Capability to sort and filter payments or transfers of value (by date, dollar amount, vendor, year, or company), • Enhanced tablet layout, • Ability to drill-down to specific payment information in bar and pie charts, and • Quick scan QR code functionality that allows QR code scans from outside the app (without logging into the app).
If you have already downloaded the apps, you will need to run an update to take advantage of the new app functionality; visit either the Google Play™ app store or iOSApple™ app store, look for your available updates, and select the Open Payments apps to download the updates. Note that you will not lose any data you’ve entered into the old version of the apps; it will all be transferred into the new version of the app.  If you have not yet downloaded the apps, search for “Open Payments” in the applicable app store and you will be prompted to download the newly updated versions. For help with the apps you can contact the Help Desk at Live Help Desk support is available by calling 855-326-8366, Monday through Friday, from 7:30am to 6:30pm CT, excluding Federal holidays. 
More information on the apps please visit:

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