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Hospital Discharge Management and Nursing Facility Admission Code When Patient Is Discharged From Hospital and Admitted to Nursing Facility on the Same Day

Contractors pay the hospital discharge code (CPT codes 99238 or 99239) in addition to a nursing facility admission code when they are billed by the same physician with the same date of service.

If a surgeon is admitting the patient to the nursing facility due to a condition that is not as a result of the surgery during the postoperative period of a service with the global surgical period, he/she bills for the nursing facility admission and care with a modifier “-24” and provides documentation that the service is unrelated to the surgery (e.g., return of an elderly patient to the nursing facility in which he/she has resided for five years following discharge from the hospital for cholecystectomy).

Contractors do not pay for a nursing facility admission by a surgeon in the postoperative period of a procedure with a global surgical period if the patient’s admission to the nursing facility is to receive post operative care related to the surgery (e.g., admission to a nursing facility to receive physical therapy following a hip replacement).  Payment for the nursing facility admission and subsequent nursing facility services are included in the global fee and cannot be paid separately.

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