cpt 94002, cpt 94004, CPT 94660, cpt 94662

Reporting Ventilation Management / CPAP Services With Anesthesia

CPT codes 94002-94004, CPT code 94660-94662 (Ventilation management/CPAP services) If these services are performed during a surgical procedure, they are included in the anesthesia service. 

These services may be separately reportable if performed by the anesthesia practitioner after post-operative care has been transferred to another physician by the anesthesia practitioner.  Modifier 59 may be reported to indicate that these services are separately reportable. 

For example, if an anesthesia practitioner who provided anesthesia for a procedure initiates ventilation management in a post-operative recovery area prior to transfer of care to another physician, CPT codes 94002-94003 should not be reported for this service since it is included in the anesthesia procedure package. 

However, if the anesthesia practitioner transfers care to another physician and is called back to initiate ventilation because of a change in the patient’s status, the initiation of ventilation may be separately reportable.

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