cpt code 99442

Revised Guidelines for CPT 99441, 99442 & 99443 (2021)

Updated May 9, 2020, with information from the 4/30/20 rule

CMS will pay for phone calls using codes CPT 99441—99443. The 4/30/20 rule adds these to the telehealth list and increased payment for these services

CMS continues did not add CPT 98966–98968 to the telehealth list

These codes previously had a non-covered status

Physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants should use codes CPT 99441—99443

Other qualified health care professionals who may bill Medicare for their services, such as registered dietitians, social workers, speech language pathologists and physical and occupational therapists should use codes CPT 98966—98968

New! CPT 99441–99443 have been added to the telehealth list, so use the place of service that would have been furnished. In most cases, this will be place of service office (11) or outpatient department (19, 22). Since they are now telehealth services, add modifier 95

CMS has changed the rates for codes CPT 99441–99443 to the rates for CPT 99212–99214.

***Telephone codes CPT 99441–99443 require audio only but will pay at the rates of CPT 99212–99214

“List of Telehealth CPT Codes”Click Here 

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