CPT Code 93318 | Description & Clinical Information

CPT 93318 describes the utilization of transesophageal echocardiography with multiple transducers or a rotating transducer to obtain a two dimensional (2D) image for the purpose of monitoring and continuous assessment of cardiac functions.

Official Description

The CPT book defines CPT code 93318 as: “Echocardiography, transesophageal (TEE) for monitoring purposes, including probe placement, real time 2-dimensional image acquisition and interpretation leading to ongoing (continuous) assessment of (dynamically changing) cardiac pumping function and to therapeutic measures on an immediate time basis”.

Billing Guidelines

Report CPT 93318 separately from 93355.

Clinical Information

The procedure described by CPT code 93318 is a vital diagnostic tool used in cardiology to assess the function of the heart. It involves a transesophageal echocardiography performed by a qualified provider on a patient who is appropriately prepped and anesthetized.

During the procedure, the provider inserts a flexible tube called a probe down through the patient’s throat and into the esophagus. The probe is equipped with a transducer at its tip, which emits sound waves that bounce off the heart’s structures and return to the probe as echoes.

The echoes are then translated into a two-dimensional image that is displayed on a video screen. This provides the provider with a detailed view of the anatomy and dynamics of the heart, including the size, shape, and motion of the heart’s chambers and valves.

This information is critical in assessing the heart’s overall function, diagnosing cardiac conditions such as atrial fibrillation, valve abnormalities, or fluid accumulation around the heart. The provider can make immediate decisions about altering intravascular volume and drug administration based on the images provided by the echocardiogram.

The procedure is performed with the patient under sedation to reduce any discomfort and ensure accurate imaging. Before the procedure, the patient fasts for several hours, and the provider administers a local anesthetic to the throat to numb the area.

In summary, CPT code 93318’s transesophageal echocardiography procedure is a highly effective diagnostic tool for assessing heart function. With this procedure, qualified providers can monitor the heart in real-time to make informed decisions on treatment interventions. Patients who need this service should seek qualified physicians who provide transesophageal echocardiography as part of their comprehensive cardiology evaluation.

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