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Blood Types CPT Codes

There are 4 main blood groups. Each group can be either Rh positive or Rh negative, which means in total there are 8 blood types.

Red blood cells sometimes have another antigen. The Rh protein. If you have the RH protein, your blood group is Rh positive. If you don’t have it your blood group is Rh negative.

What Are Blood Types And What Is ABO Grouping?

Blood types are determined by genetics. You inherit genes from your parents. There are four ABO groups (A, B, AB & O) and there are 8 different blood types.

  1. A-positive
  2. A-negative
  3. B-positive
  4. B-negative
  5. AB-positive
  6. AB-negative
  7. O-positive
  8. O-negative

What Is RH Blood Type?

Rh positive is the most common blood type. Having an Rh negative blood type is not an illness and usually does not affect your health.

Every blood group (A, B, AB or O) can be RH positive or RH negative. Karl Landsteiner and Alexander Weiner discovered in In 1937 the rhesus blood type, or Rh factor. The Rh factor is a protein on the covering of the red blood cells.

What does RH Negative Mean?

If your blood type is positive, then your blood cells have the Rh protein. Someone who is Rh negative cannot receive blood from anyone with a positive blood type.

What does RH Positive Mean?

If your blood type is Rh positive, then your blood cells have the Rh protein. If you have Rh-positive blood, you can get Rh positive or Rh negative blood.

RH Negative Blood Facts

85% of the population of the US has an RH positive blood type.

The only way for someone to have a negative blood type is for both parents to have at least one negative factor.

Pregnant women are always given a blood group test. Someone’s Rh factor can cause complications during pregnancy. It is likely that an Rh-negative mother could be carrying a baby who is Rh positive and therefor essentially destroying that baby’s red blood cells.

CPT Code For Blood Group

CPT 86900(ABO) This test may also be known as blood group. The test determines whether a patient is O, A, B, or AB.

This typing of blood is the oldest and most widely recognized. It involves identifying the presence or absence of two antigens on red blood cells (A and B) and a reciprocal relationship to serum antibodies (anti-A and anti-B).

The typing O indicates the state of having neither A nor B antigens. The classic test method is by agglutination.

CPT Code For RH Type

CPT 86901: (RH) This test is known as Rh type. The test determines whether a patient is “positive” or “negative” by identifying the presence (Rh positive) or absence (Rh negative) of Rh antigens on the RBC surface. The classic test method is by agglutination.

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