CPT exercise

CPT Code 97110 (2021) – Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic CPT exercise (CPT code 97110) is performed on dry land with a patient either actively, active-assisted, or passively participating (e.g., treadmill, isokinetic exercise, lumbar stabilization, stretching, strengthening).

Proper Usage Of CPT Code 97110

Therapeutic CPT exercise (CPT Code 97110) is considered medically necessary if at least one of the following conditions is present and documented:

  • The patient has weakness, contracture, stiffness secondary to spasm, spasticity, decreased range of motion, gait problem, balance and/or coordination deficits, abnormal posture, muscle imbalance;
  • The patient needs to improve mobility, stretching, strengthening, coordination, control of extremities, dexterity, range of motion, or endurance as part of activities of daily living training, or re-education.

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