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CPT 97533 & CPT 97532 (Therapeutic Procedures) (2021)

CPT 97533 & CPT 97532 can be reported for the development of cognitive skills to improve attention, memory or problem solving, may be medially necessary for patients having neurologic conditions such as head injury or trauma, stroke, muscular dystrophy and/or multiple sclerosis or other neurological diseases.

It is not appropriate for patients with chronic, progressive or stable brain conditions who do not have potential for improvement of or restoration of current cognitive function.

Medical Necessity Of CPT 97533 & CPT 97532 Procedures

Reassessment of the patient’s progress should occur every 2-3 months showing significant and measurable improvement.

These procedures may be medically necessary when included in a patient’s individual treatment plan aimed at improving or restoring specific functions which were impaired by an identified illness or injury and when the improved functional physical/cognitive abilities of the patient that are expected to be achieved are specified in the plan.

If at anytime during the treatment period it becomes obvious that continued cognitive rehabilitation is not likely to be effective, that the service is no longer needed, or that all realistic attainable goals have been met then the treatment should be discontinued.

The patient must have the capacity to learn from instructions.

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