UHC Modifiers

UHC Modifiers Not Reimbursable to Health Care Professionals

UnitedHealthcare will not reimburse modifiers H9, HU-HZ, QJ or TR, effective in the second quarter of 2015. The use of the following modifiers indicates that a service has been funded by a county, state or federal agency; therefore, no cost has been incurred requiring reimbursement:

H9 Court-ordered

HU Funded by child welfare agency

HV Funded state addictions agency

HW Funded by state mental health agency

HX Funded by county/local agency

HY Funded by juvenile justice agency

HZ Funded by criminal justice agency

QJ Services/items provided to a prisoner or patient in state or local custody, however the state or local government, as applicable, meets the requirements in 42 CFR 411.4 (B)

TR School-based individualized education program services provided outside the public school district responsible for the student

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