97035 CPT Code (2022) – Description And Billing Guidelines

CPT Code 97035 is Therapeutic Ultrasound. This is a deep heating modality that produces a sound wave of 0.8 to 3.0 Mhz.

In the human body, ultrasound therapy has several pronounced effects on biologic tissues. It is attenuated by certain tissues and reflected by bone.

Thus, tissues lying immediately next to bone can receive an even greater dosage of ultrasound therapy, as much as 30% more.

Because of the increased extensibility ultrasound therapy produces in tissues of high collagen content, combined with the close proximity of joint capsules, tendons, and ligaments to cortical bone where they receive a more intense irradiation, it is an ideal modality for increasing mobility in those tissues with restricted range of motion.

Application of CPT Code 97035 (Therapeutic Ultrasound)

The application of CPT code 97035 (ultrasound therapy) is considered medically necessary for patients requiring deep heat to a specific area for reduction of pain, spasm, and joint stiffness, and for the increase of muscle, tendon and ligament flexibility.

Specific indications for the use of CPT Code 97035 (Therapeutic Ultrasound) application include:

  • the patient has tightened structures limiting joint motion that require an increase in extensibility; or
  • the patient has symptomatic soft tissue calcification

Therapeutic Ultrasound (CPT Code 97035) application is not considered to be medically necessary for the treatment of asthma, bronchitis, or any other pulmonary condition. Please see ICD Codes That Do Not Support Medical Necessity section of the policy.

Standard treatment is 3-4 treatments per week for one month. Additional treatments must meet medical necessity requirements.

cpt 97035

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