cpt 99374

Will Medicaid pay for CPT codes G0179, G0180, G0181, G0182, 99374, 99375, 99377, 99378, 99379 and 99380

Medicaid will not reimburse an attending physician for certifying the home health plan of care. This is considered as already reimbursed to the attending physician through any evaluation and management services provided throughout the period of illness that the recipient is receiving home health care assistance.

  • CPT G0179
  • CPT G0180
  • CPT G0181
  • CPT G0182
  • CPT 99374
  • CPT 99375
  • CPT 99377
  • CPT 99378
  • CPT 99379
  • CPT 99380

Please note: Medicaid would cover Home Health services provided by the Home Health Agency but not for physician who certifies the Home Health plan of care.

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