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97012 CPT Code (Mechanical Traction) – Description, Reimbursement & Guidelines

CPT 97012 can be reported for mechanical traction. Traction is generally used for joints, especially of the lumbar or cervical spine, with the expectation of relieving pain in or originating from those areas, or increasing the range of motion of the joint.

97012 CPT Code Description

Application of a modality to one or more areas; traction, mechanical.

97012 CPT Code Description
97012 CPT Code Description

97012 CPT Code Reimbursement Guidelines

A provider applies intermittent or sustained mechanical traction most often to the cervical and/or lumbar spine (or other areas).

The mechanical force produces distraction between the vertebrae or joint thereby relieving pain an increasing tissue flexibility.

  • One unit is billed per day
  • Report multiple units only if multiple separate treatments are performed on one day.
  • Supervision is required

Specific Indications for CPT Code 97012

Specific indications for the use of 97012 CPT Code include, but are not limited to, neck and back disorders such as disc herniation, lumbago, cervicalgia, sciatica, cervical and lumbar radiculopathy.

This modality is generally used in conjunction with therapeutic procedures and not as an isolated treatment.

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