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CPT 19083 | Breast Biopsy With Ultrasound Guidance & Localization Device Placement

CPT code 19083 is a procedure that involves removing tissue from a breast lesion and imaging the tissue specimen, if necessary, using ultrasound guidance and placing bandages at the incision site.

What Is CPT Code 19083?

CPT 19083 is a code used to describe a medical procedure in which tissue is removed from a breast lesion through a small incision.

The provider may also place one or more localization devices and image the tissue specimen. The procedure is performed under ultrasound guidance and involves using pressure and bandages at the incision site.


The CPT book describes CPT code 19083 as: “Biopsy, breast, with the placement of breast localization device(s) (e.g., clip, metallic pellet), when performed, and imaging of the biopsy specimen, when performed, percutaneous; first lesion, including ultrasound guidance.”


The provider makes a small incision and removes tissue from a breast lesion. He also may place one or more localization devices and image the specimen.

After removing the tissue, the provider uses pressure and bandages at the incision site. The provider performs this procedure under ultrasound guidance.

How To Use CPT 19083

CPT 19083 should be reported for the first lesson.

CPT code 19083 includes ultrasound guidance and applies to the first lesion biopsied. Report add-on code CPT 19084 for each additional lesion biopsied under ultrasound guidance.


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