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CPT Code 22853 | Description, Procedure & Billing Guidelines (2022)

CPT 22853 is an add-on code and can be used for every treated intervertebral disc space during a primary procedure.

1. What Is CPT Code 22853?

CPT 22853 covers the procedure in which a provider inserts a mesh device or a metallic cage between two vertebrae.

The provider might use flanges or screws to attach the mesh device or metallic cage to the front of the vertebrae.

The device provides stability to the spine and maintains disc space. It also leaves room for some range of motion. This relieves the patient of pain that is caused by spinal conditions like a bulging disk or a hernia.

The 22853 CPT code procedure is provided during a spinal interbody arthrodesis procedure. During this procedure, the surgeon uses fusion (permanent joining) of vertebrae over the joint space.

2. Description

CPT code 22853 is described by the CPT book as: “Insertion of an interbody biomechanical device(s) (e.g., synthetic cage, mesh) with integral anterior instrumentation for device anchoring (e.g., screws, flanges) when performed, to intervertebral disc space in conjunction with interbody arthrodesis, each interspace.

3. Procedure

At the start of the 22853 CPT code procedure, the provider administers anesthesia to the patient and ensures they are appropriately prepped. This procedure is used during the primary interbody arthrodesis procedure.

During the primary procedure, the provider exposes the patient’s intervertebral disc and retracts the muscles and the surrounding tissues.

Then, they insert a synthetic device between two vertebrae to maintain and expand the space between the discs.

Flangs or screws might be used for attaching the synthetic device to the vertebrae. After inserting the device(s), they continue with the spinal interbody arthrodesis procedure. Once it is complete, they close the wound and control the bleeding.

Report this code once for each interspace that the provider treats in addition to the primary code for the procedure.

4. Billing Guidelines

CPT code 22853 is an add-on code and can only be reported in combination with the following codes;

  • CPT 63300 until CPT 63307;
  • CPT 63170 until CPT 63290;
  • CPT 63102;
  • CPT 63101;
  • CPT 63090;
  • CPT 63087;
  • CPT 63085;
  • CPT 63081;
  • CPT 63077;
  • CPT 63075;
  • CPT 63064;
  • CPT 63050 until CPT 63056;
  • CPT 63045, CPT 63045 & CPT 63047;
  • CPT 63040, CPT 63041 & CPT 63042;
  • CPT 63001 until CPT 63030;
  • CPT 22800 until CPT 22812;
  • CPT 22634;
  • CPT 22633;
  • CPT 22630;
  • CPT 22590 until CPT 22612;
  • CPT 22548 until CPT 22558;
  • CPT 22533;
  • CPT 22532;
  • CPT 22310 until CPT 22327;
  • CPT 22220 until CPT 22224;
  • CPT 22210 until CPT 22214;
  • CPT 22207;
  • CPT 22206;
  • CPT 22110 until CPT 22114; and
  • CPT 22100 until CPT 22102.

You can bill one unit of CPT 22853 for every treated intervertebral disc space instead of for the number of inserted devices.

For example, bill CPT code 22853 if a surgeon installed two cages in one interspace. You can bill this code twice if the provider inserted devices in two separate interspaces.

You can use the add-on code CPT 22854 if you report a procedure that is similar by covering a defect that is caused by the removal of a vertebral body,

The add-on code CPT 22859 can be used if the provider inserts a similar device for treating a removal defect of a vertebral body or an intervertebral disc space without arthrodesis (interbody fusion).

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