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CPT Code 92526 | Swallowing Dysfunction Treatment & Oral Function For Feeding

CPT code 92526 describes a treatment for swallowing dysfunction and/or improving oral function for feeding.

What Is CPT Code 92526?

CPT code 92526 describes a procedure that involves treating swallowing dysfunction and/or improving oral function for feeding.

The provider (a healthcare professional such as a physician or physical therapist) may use various methods to address the dysfunction, including medications, rehabilitation techniques, and, in severe cases, the placement of a feeding tube.

These methods may be used to treat patients with a range of swallowing issues, including those who have had a stroke, are unable to eat, refuse to eat, or have difficulty eating due to other conditions.


The CPT book describes CPT code 92526 as: “Treatment of swallowing dysfunction and/or oral function for feeding.”


The provider uses various methods to treat a swallowing disorder or improve function depending on the cause of the dysfunction.

He may use medications in patients with severe stomach acidity or improve esophageal motility.

Alternatively, he may use rehabilitation specialists to work with patients who have had a stroke and cannot undergo surgery or take drugs. In severe cases, the provider may also introduce a feeding tube through the nose or stomach.

He performs this in patients who are unable to eat, refuses to eat, or have difficulty eating.

How To Use CPT 92526

Do not report the diagnostic or treatment procedures like otoscopy, anterior rhinoscopy, removal of nonimpacted cerumen, or tuning fork test separately if the provider reports them as evaluation and management services. However, CPT 92526 is a particular diagnostic test not included in an evaluation and management service.

CPT code 92526 almost always fits most aspects of treatments associated with dysphagia related to upper throat mechanics. CPT 92526 is all you need when the treatment focuses on swallowing. It is an untimed code, billed as one unit per day.

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