CPT Codes For ANA (Anti-Nuclear Antibodies) (2023)

Current Procedural Terminology describes the ANA CPT Codes (Anti-Nuclear Antibodies procedures) with two different codes. The long descriptions of the CPT codes for Anti-Nuclear Antibodies/ANA are the official descriptions from AMA. Other relevant codes if you bill for ANA procedures can be FNA procedures. We’ve also added them to the list.

CPT Code 86038

Long description: Antinuclear antibodies [ANA] screen.

Short description: ANA screen.

CPT Code 86039

Long description : Antinuclear antibodies [ANA] titer.

Short description: ANA titer.

CPT Code 86255

Long description: Fluorescent noninfectious agent antibody screen, each antibody .

Short description: FNA antibody screen.

CPT Code 86256

Long description : Fluorescent noninfectious agent antibody titer, each antibody .

Short description: FNA antibody titer .

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