CPT Codes For Arthrodesis Procedures On The Foot And Toes

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for arthrodesis procedures on the foot and toes.

CPT Code 28705

CPT 28705 describes arthrodesis of the pantalar joint.

CPT Code 28715

CPT 28715 describes arthrodesis of the triple joint.

CPT Code 28725

CPT 28725 describes arthrodesis of the subtalar joint.

CPT Code 28730

CPT 28730 describes either multiple or transverse arthrodesis of the midtarsal or tarsometatarsal joint.

CPT Code 28735

CPT 28735 describes the midtarsal or tarsometatarsal joint arthrodesis with osteotomy for flatfoot correction.

CPT Code 28737

CPT 28737 describes arthrodesis with tendon lengthening and advancement of the midtarsal, and tarsal navicular-cuneiform, such as the Miller-type procedure.

CPT Code 28740

CPT 28740 describes arthrodesis of a single joint in the midtarsal or tarsometatarsal region.

CPT Code 28750

CPT 28750 describes arthrodesis of the metatarsophalangeal joint of the great toe.

CPT Code 28755

CPT 28755 describes arthrodesis of the interphalangeal joint of the great toe.

CPT Code 28760

CPT 28760 describes arthrodesis with extensor hallucis longus transfer to the first metatarsal neck, great toe, and interphalangeal joint, such as the Jones-type procedure.

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