CPT Codes For Clinical Treatment Planning (External And Internal Sources) For Radiation Treatment

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for clinical treatment planning (external and internal sources) for radiation treatment.

CPT Code 77261

CPT 77261 describes simple therapeutic radiology treatment planning.

CPT Code 77262

CPT 77262 describes therapeutic radiology treatment planning of intermediate complexity.

CPT Code 77263

CPT 77263 describes complex therapeutic radiology treatment planning.

CPT Code 77280

CPT 77280 describes therapeutic radiology simulation in a simple field setting.

CPT Code 77285

CPT 77285 describes the simulation-aided field setting of therapeutic radiology at an intermediate level.

CPT Code 77290

CPT 77290 describes a complex therapeutic radiology simulation-aided field setting.

CPT Code 77299

CPT 77299 describes an unlisted procedure, therapeutic radiology clinical treatment planning.

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