CPT Codes For Endoscopy/Laparascopy Procedures On The Vagina

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for endoscopy/laparascopy procedures on the vagina.

CPT Code 57420

CPT 57420 describes a colposcopy of the entire vagina, including the cervix, if present.

CPT Code 57421

CPT 57421 describes a colposcopy of the entire vagina, with biopsy(s) of the vagina and cervix if present.

CPT Code 57423

CPT 57423 describes a laparoscopic approach for paravaginal defect repair, including cystocele repair is performed.

CPT Code 57425

CPT 57425 describes a laparoscopic surgical procedure to suspend the vaginal apex.

CPT Code 57426

CPT 57426 describes the laparoscopic revision (including removal) of a prosthetic vaginal graft.

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