CPT Codes For General Excision Procedures On The Musculoskeletal System

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for general excision procedures on the musculoskeletal system.

CPT Code 20150

CPT 20150 describes the excision of an epiphyseal bar with or without an autogenous soft tissue graft obtained through the same fascial incision.

CPT Code 20200

CPT 20200 describes a superficial muscle biopsy.

CPT Code 20205

CPT 20205 describes a deep muscle biopsy.

CPT Code 20206

CPT 20206 describes a percutaneous needle biopsy of muscle.

CPT Code 20220

CPT 20220 describes a biopsy of bone using a trocar or needle, such as ilium, sternum, spinous process, or ribs.

CPT Code 20225

CPT 20225 describes a biopsy of a deep bone structure, such as a vertebral body or femur, using a trocar or needle.

CPT Code 20240

CPT 20240 describes an open biopsy of a superficial bone, such as the sternum, spinous process, rib, patella, olecranon process, calcaneus, tarsal, metatarsal, carpal, metacarpal, or phalanx.

CPT Code 20245

CPT 20245 describes an open biopsy of a deep bone, such as the humeral shaft, ischium, or femoral shaft.

CPT Code 20250

CPT 20250 describes an open biopsy of a thoracic vertebral body.

CPT Code 20251

CPT 20251 describes an open biopsy of a lumbar or cervical vertebral body.

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