CPT Codes For Incision Procedures On The Bladder

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for incision procedures on the bladder.

CPT Code 51020

CPT 51020 describes cystotomy or cystostomy with fulguration and/or insertion of radioactive material.

CPT Code 51030

CPT 51030 describes cystotomy or cystostomy with cryosurgical destruction of an intravesical lesion.

CPT Code 51040

CPT 51040 describes cystostomy and cystotomy with drainage.

CPT Code 51045

CPT 51045 describes cystotomy with the insertion of a ureteral catheter or stent as a separate procedure

CPT Code 51050

CPT 51050 describes cystotomy by removing calculus without vesical neck resection and cystolithotomy.

CPT Code 51060

CPT 51060 describes a transvesical ureterolithotomy.

CPT Code 51065

CPT 51065 describes a cystotomy with extracting a calculus basket and/or fragmentation of a ureteral calculus using ultrasonic or electrohydraulic methods.

CPT Code 51080

CPT 51080 describes drainage of perivesical or prevesical space abscess.

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