CPT Codes For Laparoscopic Procedures On The Abdomen, Peritoneum, And Omentum

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for laparoscopic procedures on the abdomen, peritoneum, and omentum.

CPT Code 49320

CPT 49320 describes laparoscopy of the abdomen, peritoneum, and omentum for diagnostic purposes, with or without collecting specimen(s) by brushing or washing (separate procedure).

CPT Code 49321

CPT 49321 describes laparoscopy, surgical with biopsy (single or multiple).

CPT Code 49322

CPT 49322 describes laparoscopy with the aspiration of a cavity or cyst, such as an ovarian cyst, either single or multiple.

CPT Code 49323

CPT 49323 describes the laparoscopic surgical procedure of draining a lymphocele into the peritoneal cavity.

CPT Code 49324

CPT 49324 describes the insertion of a tunneled intraperitoneal catheter through a laparoscopic surgical procedure.

CPT Code 49325

CPT 49325 describes the laparoscopic surgical revision of a previously placed intraperitoneal cannula or catheter, with the removal of intraluminal obstructive material performed.

CPT Code 49329

CPT 49329 describes an unlisted laparoscopy procedure involving the abdomen, peritoneum, and omentum.

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