CPT Codes For Laparoscopic Procedures On The Kidney

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for laparoscopic procedures on the kidney.

CPT Code 50541

CPT 50541 describes the laparoscopic surgical ablation of renal cysts.

CPT Code 50542

CPT 50542 describes laparoscopic surgical ablation of renal mass lesion(s) with intraoperative ultrasound guidance and monitoring.

CPT Code 50543

CPT 50543 describes a laparoscopic partial nephrectomy.

CPT Code 50544

CPT 50544 describes laparoscopic surgical pyeloplasty.

CPT Code 50545

CPT 50545 describes a laparoscopic surgical radical nephrectomy, including removing Gerota’s fascia and surrounding fatty tissue, removal of regional lymph nodes, and adrenalectomy.

CPT Code 50546

CPT 50546 describes laparoscopic surgical nephrectomy, including partial ureterectomy.

CPT Code 50547

CPT 50547 describes laparoscopy from a living donor, including cold preservation, for donor nephrectomy.

CPT Code 50548

CPT 50548 describes a surgical laparoscopic nephrectomy with total ureterectomy.

CPT Code 50549

CPT 50549 describes an unlisted laparoscopy procedure involving the kidney.

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