CPT Codes For Other Procedures On The Salivary Gland And Ducts

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for other procedures on the salivary gland and ducts.

CPT Code 42550

CPT 42550 describes the injection procedure for sialography.

CPT Code 42600

CPT 42600 describes the closure of a salivary fistula.

CPT Code 42650

CPT 42650 describes the dilation of a salivary duct.

CPT Code 42660

CPT 42660 describes the dilation and catheterization of a salivary duct, with or without injection.

CPT Code 42665

CPT 42665 describes the ligation of a salivary duct within the mouth.

CPT Code 42699

CPT 42699 describes an unlisted procedure involving the salivary glands or ducts.

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