CPT Codes For Repair Procedures On The Liver

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for repair procedures on the liver.

CPT Code 47300

CPT 47300 describes the marsupialization of a cyst or abscess of the liver.

CPT Code 47350

CPT 47350 describes the management of liver hemorrhage, including simple sutures of liver wounds or injuries.

CPT Code 47360

CPT 47360 describes the management of liver hemorrhage with a complex suture of a liver wound or injury, with or without hepatic artery ligation.

CPT Code 47361

CPT 47361 describes the exploration of a hepatic wound with extensive debridement, coagulation, and/or suture, with or without packing of the liver, for managing liver hemorrhage.

CPT Code 47362

CPT 47362 describes the re-exploration of a hepatic wound to remove packing due to managing liver hemorrhage.

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