CPT Codes For Repair Procedures On The Ureter

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for repair procedures on the ureter.

CPT Code 50700

CPT 50700 describes plastic operation on the ureter, such as a stricture, known as ureteroplasty.

CPT Code 50715

CPT 50715 describes ureterolysis with or without repositioning the ureter for retroperitoneal fibrosis.

CPT Code 50722

CPT 50722 describes ureterolysis for ovarian vein syndrome.

CPT Code 50725

CPT 50725 describes reanastomosis of the upper urinary tract or vena cava following ureterolysis for the retrocaval ureter.

CPT Code 50727

CPT 50727 describes the revision of any urinary-cutaneous anastomosis urostomy.

CPT Code 50728

CPT 50728 describes the revision of a urinary-cutaneous anastomosis (any urostomy) by repairing a fascial defect and hernia.

CPT Code 50740

CPT 50740 describes anastomosis of the ureter and renal pelvis through ureteropyelostomy.

CPT Code 50750

CPT 50750 describes anastomosis of a ureter to the renal calyx, also known as ureterocalycostomy.

CPT Code 50760

CPT 50760 describes ureteroureterostomy.

CPT Code 50770

CPT 50770 describes transureteroureterostomy, an anastomosis of one ureter to the contralateral ureter.

CPT Code 50780

CPT 50780 describes anastomosis of a single ureter to the bladder through ureteroneocystostomy.

CPT Code 50782

CPT 50782 describes anastomosis of a duplicated ureter to the bladder through ureteroneocystostomy.

CPT Code 50783

CPT 50783 describes ureteroneocystostomy with extensive ureteral tailoring.

CPT Code 50785

CPT 50785 describes ureteroneocystostomy with a vesica-psoas hitch or bladder flap.

CPT Code 50800

CPT 50800 describes the direct anastomosis of the ureter to the intestine through a ureteroenterostomy.

CPT Code 50810

CPT 50810 describes the procedure of ureterosigmoidostomy, including creating a sigmoid bladder and establishing an abdominal or perineal colostomy, as well as intestine anastomosis.

CPT Code 50815

CPT 50815 describes ureterocolon conduit, including intestine anastomosis.

CPT Code 50820

CPT 50820 describes the Bricker operation, which involves a ureteroileal conduit and anastomosis of the intestine.

CPT Code 50825

CPT 50825 describes using any segment of the small and/or large intestine (Kock pouch or Camey enterocystoplasty) for continent diversion, including intestine anastomosis.

CPT Code 50830

CPT 50830 describes taking down a ureteroileal conduit, ureterosigmoidostomy, ureteroenterostomy with ureteroureterostomy, or ureteroneocystostomy for urinary undiversion.

CPT Code 50840

CPT 50840 describes the replacement of all or part of the ureter by an intestine segment, including anastomosis of the intestine.

CPT Code 50845

CPT 50845 describes a cutaneous appendico-vesicostomy procedure.

CPT Code 50860

CPT 50860 describes ureterostomy, the transplantation of a ureter to the skin.

CPT Code 50900

CPT 50900 describes the suture of the ureter (separate procedure) as a ureterorrhaphy.

CPT Code 50920

CPT 50920 describes the closure of ureterocutaneous fistula.

CPT Code 50930

CPT 50930 describes the closure of ureterovisceral fistula (including visceral repair).

CPT Code 50940

CPT 50940 describes the deligation of the ureter.

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