CPT Codes For Surgical Procedures On The Nails

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for nail surgical procedures.

CPT Code 11719

CPT 11719 describes trimming of any number of nondystrophic nails.

CPT Code 11720

CPT 11720 describes the debridement of 1 to 5 nails by any method.

CPT Code 11721

CPT 11721 describes the debridement of six or more nails by any method.

CPT Code 11730

CPT 11730 describes a simple partial or complete avulsion of a single nail plate.

CPT Code 11740

CPT 11740 describes the evacuation of the subungual hematoma.

CPT Code 11750

CPT 11750 describes the permanent removal of a partial or complete nail and nail matrix, such as an ingrown or deformed nail.

CPT Code 11755

CPT 11755 describes a biopsy of the nail unit, including the plate, bed, matrix, hyponychium, and proximal and lateral nail folds, as a separate procedure.

CPT Code 11760

CPT 11760 describes the repair of a nail bed.

CPT Code 11762

CPT 11762 describes the reconstruction of the nail bed with a graft.

CPT Code 11765

CPT 11765 describes wedge excision of the skin of the nail fold for an ingrown toenail.

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