List With HCPCS Codes For Drugs, Not Otherwise Classified

The HCPCS codes for Drugs, Not Otherwise Classified (J7699-J8499) cover a range of medications that do not fit into specific categories. These codes include drugs administered through durable medical equipment, compounded drugs, antiemetic drugs, and prescription drugs for non-chemotherapeutic purposes.

1. HCPCS Code J7699

HCPCS J7699 describes inhalation solutions that are administered through durable medical equipment.

2. HCPCS Code J7799

HCPCS J7799 covers drugs, other than inhalation drugs, that are administered through durable medical equipment.

3. HCPCS Code J7999

HCPCS J7999 is used for compounded drugs that do not have a specific classification.

4. HCPCS Code J8498

HCPCS J8498 represents antiemetic drugs that are administered rectally or as suppositories, without further specification.

5. HCPCS Code J8499

HCPCS J8499 is used for prescription drugs that are taken orally for non-chemotherapeutic purposes, without further specification.

These HCPCS codes provide a way to identify and bill for drugs that do not have a specific classification or fall into other established categories. It is important for healthcare providers and billing professionals to accurately assign the appropriate HCPCS code to ensure proper reimbursement and documentation.

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