List With HCPCS Codes For Whirlpool Baths

The HCPCS codes for Whirlpool Baths range from E1300 to E1310. These codes describe different types of whirlpool baths, including portable and non-portable options.

1. HCPCS Code E1300

HCPCS code E1300 describes a portable whirlpool bath that is designed to be placed over a bathtub.

2. HCPCS Code E1301

HCPCS code E1301 describes a walk-in, portable whirlpool tub that is designed to provide easy access for individuals with mobility issues.

3. HCPCS Code E1310

HCPCS code E1310 describes a non-portable whirlpool bath that is built-in and not designed to be moved.

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