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(2022) How To Code Rectal Pain ICD 10 – List With Codes & Guidelines

This article will outline the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and the ICD 10 CM code for Rectal Pain.

ICD 10 Code For Rectal Pain Causes

Rectal pain ICD 10 is pain or discomfort in the lower part of the gastrointestinal tract. It’s usually pain in the anus, but can also be everywhere.

It is a common problem resulting from disorders such as hemorrhoids and anal tears.

Causes of anal pain include:

  • anal cancer
  • anal fistula (a small tear in the lining of the anal canal)
  • anal itching
  • itching
  • anal sex
  • anorectal fistula (an abnormal canal from the anus through the skin of the anus)
  • coccyx pain
  • constipation
  • Crohn’s disease (a type of inflammatory bowel disease)
  • diarrhea
  • Levator syndrome (spasms in the muscles surrounding the anus)
  • perianal abscesses (pus in the deep tissue of the penis)
  • perianal hematomas (blood buildup in the peranal tissue caused by a ruptured vein, also called external hemorrhoids)
  • proctalgia fugax (threadbare pain caused by rectal muscle spasms)
  • proctitis

ICD 10 Code For Rectal Pain Symptoms

Some causes of rectal pain ICD 10, such as hemorrhoids or anal tears, may be accompanied by other symptoms such as bleeding or blood in the stool. Diarrhoea or constipation can also occur.

Rectal pain ICD 10 can also be accompanied by symptoms such as prolapse, pressure and bleeding. Some rectal and anal pain may occur due to inflammatory bowel disease, localized infections, or minor injuries to the region. Cancer is a rare cause of rectal pain ICD 10.

Levator Syndrome is a spasm of the muscle Levator-ani, also known as Levator-Ani syndrome. It causes a frenzied pain in the rectum. Proctalgia fugax is a term that refers to rectal pain ICD 10 that occurs during muscle spasms.

ICD 10 Code For Rectal Pain Diagnosis

Doctors can diagnose rectal pain ICD 10 in various ways.

Through the patient’s medical history: including symptoms and physical exam (rectal examination in which the doctor inserts a finger into the rectum to sense abnormalities).

Endoscopy: in which the doctor uses a thin flexible tube or camera to examine the lining of the anal bowel.

ICD 10 Code For Rectal Pain Treatment

Treatment of rectal pain ICD 10 depends on the cause and can include medications such as painkillers, stool softeners, antibiotics against infections, high fiber diets to ensure soft bowel movements, baths in warm water to clean the anal area and pain relief as well as surgery to repair fistulas for muscle spasms.

ICD 10 Code For Rectal Pain

ICD 10 CM 569.42 Anal or rectal pain

Related ICD 10 CM Codes:

ICD 10 CM K62.89 Other specified diseases of anus and rectum

ICD 10 CM K62 Other diseases of anus and rectum

ICD 10 CM K62.8 Other specified diseases of anus and rectum

ICD 10 CM K62.81 Anal sphincter tear (healed nontraumatic old)

ICD 10 CM K62.82 Dysplasia of anus

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