(2023) How To Use The CPT Codes For Liver Biopsy

Liver biopsy procedures can be reported with CPT 47000 and CPT 47001 for needle biopsy of the liver, for a percutaneous liver biopsy you can use CPT code 47700 and the last one is the 47100 CPT code for a liver biopsy with wedges. Other relevant codes are 47122, 47125 and CPT 47130.

47000 CPT Code

The CPT code 47000 covers a procedure where a doctor uses a needle to perform a liver biopsy. During this procedure, a small piece of liver tissue is taken out through an incision, in the skin. Healthcare providers commonly use this service to diagnose liver diseases assess the severity of existing liver conditions or monitor the effectiveness of treatments.

47001 CPT Code

This is an add-on code for the liver biopsy CPT code 47000 and may be reported if the liver biopsy was performed during another major procedure.

47100 CPT Code

The CPT code 47100 includes coverage for both the biopsy process and the use of wedges.

47700 CPT Code

You can use CPT 47700 when a liver biopsy and cholangiography without corrective repair are performed during the exploration for congenital bile duct atresia.

47122 CPT Code

Reimbursement for the procedure and wedges can be obtained through CPT code 47122.

47125 CPT Code

If there is a need to perform a lobectomy on the side of the liver, CPT code 47125 can be used.

47130 CPT Code

CPT code 47130 refers to hepatectomy which involves removing part of or an entire right lobe, from the liver.

Billing Guidelines

If a percutaneous liver needle biopsy is carried out to diagnose liver disease keep track of treatment progress or identify conditions like hepatitis you may use the 47000 CPT code for billing purposes. It’s important to have documentation that supports the need, for this procedure. The required documentation helps establish the necessity of the biopsy.

The procedure known as lobectomy represented by CPT code 47120 involves the removal of one or more segments within a lobe. The surgeon decides whether to perform a segmentectomy or a wedge resection.

For instance, if two segmentectomies and one wedge resection are required in the lobe of the liver, they would be recorded as 47120 and 47100 59, respectively. As, per AAPC, due to an NCCI modification, modifier 59 should now be used for modifier 51 for the code pair 47120/47100.

Patients are asked to hold their breath during liver biopsy while the physician quickly inserts a needle into the liver to obtain a tissue sample. In some cases, multiple needle pricks may be necessary to collect material.

After the biopsy, patients are advised to lie on their side to minimize the risk of bleeding.

For example, if a single segment needs to be removed with two wedges originating from areas, the associated codes would be 47120 and two instances of 47100 with modifier 59. However, it is uncommon for conditions and circumstances to require than two wedge resections when treating multiple lesions (also referred to as metastatic disease).

Additionally, CPT Code 47001 allows for another procedure involving liver biopsy performed using a needle. The add-on number 47001 should be reported for the tasks regardless of whether an open or laparoscopic approach was taken to complete the surgery.


  1. Patients often undergo a liver biopsy to check for rejection or disease recurrence following a liver transplant.
  2. If someone has chronic liver disease and their liver function is deteriorating, doctors may recommend a liver biopsy to determine if a liver transplant is required.


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